What to do in a bush fire

Most people panic in a bush fire but it is scientifically proven that you shouldn’t.

What to take in a bush fire

You shouldn’t really take stuff if the fire is already there, but if you’re listening to the radio and you hear that it’s coming, you should be prepared for when the fire comes. This is what you will need: food, water, your pets, family, mobile phone (to ring and see if your friends are ok and to call the police or fire truck and the ambulance), photo albumbs, cetificats and all the unessential things like: ipods, camera, bed and lots more

P.S I have done a speech on bush fires also there was a bush fire behind behind my fence.



7 thoughts on “What to do in a bush fire

  1. I did a speech on bush fires too- I had to do a speech on a natural disaster (example bush fire hurricane and a thunderstorm) I think u did really well!:)

  2. Those are very execellent directions to do when a bush is on fire. Maybe I should do that when there really is a bush on fire or I can be dumb and let it just burn.

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