Dora Creek Camp

Last week all of stage three went to the Dora Creek camp. These are the things that we did: low ropes course, fencing, giant swing, rock climbing, high ropes course, canoeing, flying fox, archery and orienteering.

I arrived at school at 8:20 my mum handed in my medication to Mrs Milton. I waited (with my friends) for about half an hour. Soon we were off . The bus trip took 1 hour and 40 minutes. My bus buddie was Aysha.  We ate half the lollies we had. When we arrived we got told to sit down in the meeting hall. Then we got to know all of the instructors names, they were: Aussie (the coolest guy there) Dylan (Mohawk guy) Reshy, Shelly, Russel, Chris and Pom-pom. I was so happy I was in Aussies group. Also in my cabin were: Aysha, Keziah, Kiarni, Kate, Milly and Georgia.

The first thing we did was the low ropes course that was just like the high ropes but low. My favourite was the cross. There was a plain wire with a crossed rope.

After this we did fencing. Fencing is like sword fighting except you have to get them in the stomach for 1 point.

After that we did canoeing. There was lots of lice in the water. Oliver kept on splashing us so we were very cold.  We were lucky we got warm showers afterwards.

For dinner we had chicken it was better than we expected. For desert we had ice-cream and a topping of sauce.

After we had games night we danced, played bomb and then we had to form groups. Then 1, 2 or 3 people would go up and do a challenge for team points if you had finished it properly. There was one with a table and you would have to lay down on it and go underneath the table and spin around back to the top. About 5 people managed to do that.

The next day we did the flying fox. The flying fox was my 2nd favourite. I was the first person to go down in my group along with Mikaela. You would jump off a 9 meter platform and go racing down a hill at 60 kilometers an hour fast – isn’t it?

Next we did the giant swing. It was the best of all! Firstly your team would pull you up 14 half meters then you would swing down at 30km an hour. It  was really fun.

Next we did archery which was really boring.

The next day we did the high ropes course it was hard.

We also did orienteering were you had to find the garden gnomes.

Soon we had to go home. I still miss camp today. It was the best experience a person could ever have.

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